It's beautiful when everything comes together.

Manage your base of existing retailers and ramp up relationships with new ones. Wherever you’re based, you’ll be poised to put more product in front of more partners and take your sales volume up a level. We digitally connect you with your wide network of retailers, putting products in front of new and existing partners and driving fresh business.

Get to the crux of the matter.

Crux lets you manage all your retailers in one place, connect with new ones, and streamline incoming orders. You can even manage catalog variations and product assets, and get real-time inventory updates.

Take business farther with our Dropshipping Management Platform.

Through Crux Connect, you can not only manage your relationships with retailers—you can also create customized catalogs of products to show them, at no additional cost. You have the power to expose exactly the product you want, to the retailers you’ve set your sights on. Empower all your retailers to carry any or all of your products—and fuel growth for both your business and theirs.

See all your retailers in one place and manage relationships better

Customize catalogs based on pricing rules and assign to retailers

Stay in the know with your Crux Connect dashboard, viewing the latest with your orders and inventory
(with analytics coming soon)

Allow your retailers to integrate and automate inventory and order data through the Crux Connect API.

With no limits on data sharing, you can go big.

We know that in today's business world, success is driven by data. In fact, processing power is paramount to getting ahead. That's why our Crux Connect platform is built to handle enormous amounts of data at one time, putting the power in suppliers' and retailers' hands. Import and export inventory and orders, and integrate with the Crux Connect API. Crux Connect is built for the task—because "lag time" isn't written into your business plan.

Get real-time inventory updates

Take advantage of quick data imports and exports

Provide unlimited product photos

Put your data to work and provide a single, consistent presentation of catalog information for your retailers

In one place, you can get a product description, images, and unique identifiers (UPC, MPN, etc.)

See standard and custom product attributes

Access pricing (including quantity breaks, minimum order amounts, and MAP)

  • Supplier tracking for your retailersAdd tracking to orders for your retailers
  • View orders by statusView your orders by status
  • Easy order managementEasily accept or reject orders

Keep tabs like never before with order managing and tracking.

Put your product out there while staying on top of retailers' orders and managing them efficiently from one centralized place on Crux Connect. You can even add tracking to your shipped product, so you have peace of mind that your inventory ends up where it's intended. Because as you scale up your business through Crux, you shouldn't have to work harder. With us, you can work smarter.

  • Supplier tracking for your retailersAdd tracking to orders for your retailers
  • View orders by statusView your orders by status
  • Easy order managementEasily accept or reject orders

Drop in, go bigger: how dropshipping changes the game.

Dropshipping does more than increasing your customer base. By sparing retailers the trouble of expanding warehousing and fulfillment, you can help them skip a step and send goods straight to to end-customers. Keep your existing infrastructure while opening up more room to grow and offer more inventory to more retailers. The end result: a bigger and busier customer base.

  • With Crux
  • Without Crux

All the power of Crux starts with a simple per-connection fee.

If it seems like a small investment with limitless potential, you're right. It is. We structure our pricing simply and transparently, with no unexpected fees. It makes your new sales numbers all the sweeter.