Because everyone
needs a connections guy.

Because everyone needs a connections guy.

Crux plays a central role for suppliers and retailers who want to succeed in the ever-evolving world of ecommerce. We know what it takes to win. So that's what we've built for your business.

We're not shy about saying we work with the best.

Our connections become your connections. That's what this business is all about.

We've put in the time to become your most valuable asset.

For fifteen years, Crux has brought suppliers and retailers together. We're movers. Networkers. Key players. Rapid-fire thinkers.
We put our connections to a higher purpose. We find solutions and build fresh ones where they never existed before.
As the top dropshipping vendor management platform in online retail, we think bigger so our clients can go bigger.
We connect the dots. The data. The dealers and the deals.
We do more than manage vendor connections. We've built a platform that helps every client build their business.
We've poured all our experience into the Discovery Marketplace that helps retailers and suppliers find each other and forge the best partnerships.
We've shaved the onboarding process from months to days. We've anticipated the best ways to process payments and integrate with third parties.
We've created a simple Dropship Management solution.
We've put the full-service order lifecycle in one place. End to end. Products to profits.

Got questions?
That’s why we’re here.

Got questions?
That’s why we’re here.

Reach out directly to 1-866-898-CRUX or email us at