We believe in the power of connections.

Crux Connect brings suppliers and retailers together on one streamlined Dropship Management platform where they can expand their partnerships and take their revenues to the next level. Join in. Connect with people. With data. With customers. With success.

Drop it like it's hot: how suppliers and retailers can rev up their sales

In today’s fast-paced ecommerce world, product assortment and efficiency are everything. And thanks to dropshipping, retailers can now sell more of their supplier’s product line without having to drastically expand their warehouse infrastructure.

Crux Connect allows retailers to quickly grow sales by offering more selection and, at the same time, increase fulfillment rates with their preferred suppliers. Suppliers and retailers alike can offer more selection without assuming risk. It’s a win-win platform.

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Unmatched Technology

We’re in the business of making connections, so that’s how our technology’s built too. Our technology does the heavy lifting of integrating with your suppliers and managing critical supplier data like inventory, product assets, pricing, images, and catalog variations. No more custom or one-off integrations to manage.

Organize and Manage

Knowledge is power. Stay on top of your orders, organized by status, all in one place. Retailers can create and customize inventory lists, while suppliers can do the same for their catalogs. And with automated purchase orders, ordering, and tracking, every player can keep tabs on where they are in the game.

Be Connected

Both suppliers and retailers can see every one of their working relationships on Crux Connect—and they can manage and grow those relationships. Brands that are integrated into Crux Connect can be listed in the Discovery Marketplace to connect with other approved Retailers using Crux Connect.


No need to go it alone. You’ll get a dedicated Account Manager whose job it is to ensure your success—along with a Crux onboarding specialist who will get you up and running full speed. Access support through email, live chat, or phone whenever you need it. Our onboarding time can be done in weeks rather than months, thanks to our top-notch tech capabilities.


Crux cuts guesswork out of the game. Both retailers and suppliers enjoy a simple per-connection, per month cost. There aren’t any hidden fees to catch you unexpected—just an open path to growth.

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